99¢ Special

After 99¢ Special's release of Intentional Overdose (1993 blue version), work began on the next album to be called Fascist Moral Grave. The album name was a contribution of early collaborator Matt Lundy, taken from lyrics Matt had written for his Four Body Found project.

New songs "H2O", "Right 2 Fight Back", and "Division" came in to existance with a more melodic style, focusing less on samples. It was partly due to the complexity of clearing usage of the samples in many of the earlier songs which featured a mix of samples from childhood tapes to old time radio progams. One exception was "Euthanasia", which was originally recorded with an overuse of samples from the 1936 movie 'Winterset' with a young Burgess Meredith.

With so many live shows (sometimes 5 in a week), the writing process was halted and the new songs were left incomplete. All songs had previously been composed by Exit, so he brought Darren in to the creative process to contribute ideas. When 99 imploded in 1996, writing stopped altogether.

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As of some time in 1996.

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As of some time in 1994.

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