Nathan spent much of his childhood in front of computers and listening to music. Ironically, during his early years he dispised the use of electronic drums in rock music. A few years later, he bridged his sequencing skills with music and gave up those silly ideas.

At one point, Ray from 99 Special was Ray from Zadoc. In 1995, Ray left Zadoc on good grounds and was preplaced by an Amiga 500.

On 11.08.01 Nathan wrote: "I'd like to tell my story around the Amiga and the irony of being against synth-rock and eventually it coming to replace my curse of the missing drummer problem. Due to the power of OctaMED on the Amiga, it became more than just a replacement drummer when I poked around with synthesisers. 99 special gave me the courage to do that in the first place. I grew up thinking that it was a rock n' roll no no."

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