While 99 has been looking for a new base of operations, Exit has come across a wonderful opportunity. This church is situated in a neighborhood that is mostly commercial and has more that enough space for a recording studio as well as living quarters.

Exit has talked to the local zoning board and is currently finding out exactly what modifications will need to be done in order to convert this to a dwelling in to a 'residence'. The owners of the church have given the green light to adding a shower stall which should be one of the few things needed to reclassify this property as residential.

Exit has also become a Reverend. Once the living situation is settled, he's consider performing weddings and holding sermons on Friday and Saturday nights complete with live entertainment. Worship just got more interesting, as Exit plans to teach about Existence as a whole being what other religions call 'God'. The belief that Existence has no judgement or thought, as that is for the mortal to carry out.

In hopes to bring happiness to all, one major focus would be offering the church for non-standard weddings and joinings that the government doesn't recognize. Rejoice gays, wiccans, goths, and freaks! You can be married in a non-oppressive, non-Christian environment! And best of all, they will never be any of that scary priest to child naughty contact that runs rampant which in the Christian churches.

Have a look at the first excited conversation between Ray and Exit below from early in July.

Pictures and Floorplans:

RaYzor (7:31:00 PM): adfasd
Exit (7:31:01 PM): io
RaYzor (7:31:06 PM): y u call 2x
Exit (7:31:13 PM):
Exit (7:31:18 PM): tell me what you see
RaYzor (7:31:51 PM): I see the 99 website
Exit (7:32:13 PM): what is center picture?
RaYzor (7:32:25 PM): scraps CD
Exit (7:32:29 PM): click it
Exit (7:32:35 PM): then click back arrow
Exit (7:32:41 PM): (go back in browser)
Exit (7:32:47 PM): what is center pic now?
RaYzor (7:33:30 PM): nate already told me sir
RaYzor (7:33:32 PM): Church
RaYzor (7:33:36 PM): I cannot move back to fulton tho
Exit (7:33:37 PM): !!!!
RaYzor (7:33:37 PM): sorry
Exit (7:33:42 PM): look at it!
RaYzor (7:34:03 PM): CANNOT MOVE AGAIN
RaYzor (7:34:09 PM): not that far away
RaYzor (7:34:23 PM): also god will strike u dead for moving there as u hate him
Exit (7:35:35 PM): hahah
Exit (7:35:41 PM): I love existence
Exit (7:35:48 PM): I hate Christianity
Exit (7:36:00 PM): Existence is 'god'
RaYzor (7:36:15 PM): ok
RaYzor (7:40:20 PM): hi
Exit (7:43:11 PM): hi
Exit (7:43:39 PM): I see the Church of 99 at 6pm on Thursday
RaYzor (7:43:51 PM): wonderful
RaYzor (7:43:59 PM): u can't live in a church sir
Exit (7:44:00 PM): I talked to the zoning board in Fulton already
RaYzor (7:44:03 PM): it is illogical
Exit (7:44:09 PM): it's zoned R-3
Exit (7:44:38 PM): I called an architect that his father converted a few churches that way before
RaYzor (7:44:47 PM): hold
RaYzor (7:48:15 PM): doh
RaYzor (7:48:17 PM): the dump is good
RaYzor (7:48:19 PM): continue
Exit (7:48:20 PM): ?
Exit (7:48:38 PM): the Church of 99 costs $69,000
Exit (7:48:48 PM): and it's between Syracuse and Darren
Exit (7:49:00 PM): would make it easy for us to practice
Exit (7:49:08 PM): it's not in a neighborhood either
RaYzor (7:49:11 PM): Make it so I have to fn drive
RaYzor (7:49:12 PM): !!
Exit (7:49:13 PM): mostly businesses
RaYzor (7:49:19 PM): 70K for practice space??
Exit (7:49:23 PM): AND!!! it has parking!
RaYzor (7:50:08 PM): You have to convert it into a house tho
Exit (7:52:48 PM): just need to make sure it's up to code for a residence
Exit (7:53:16 PM): which requires an architect to survey the building to see what would need to be done
Exit (7:53:32 PM): I think I'll install a toilet in place of the pulpit

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