Al Lock
Al ran a video business since his senior year of High School. All was good when Al began working for the band, but a tragic event happened. During the tear down of the best 99 shows in Syracuse, NY, his camera was set down amongst the equipment and stolen. Now Al is making independent movies in Wilmington, NC.

On 11.11.01 Al wrote: "If I'm a Stage Performer then my instrument is the video camera. In the days of cold Upstate NY, the 99 Special show's were a ray of warm light. Stuffy, hot & sweaty clubs seemed to make the snow melt outside. I can't imagine any reason I would have ever gone to Cincinnati except to eat a Jack Daniel's Burger and operate the stage lighting during the show at the Gotham. (The video camera brought died horribly apon arrival. Exit did tear it to pieces and found the trouble, but the moment it was whole again it refused to work.) 99 Special brought me to WeFest and eventually to reside in Wilmington, NC. I owe my future to it's creation. Thanks Exit."

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