Exit spent much of his childhood in front of computers and listening to music. Ironically, during his early years he despised the use of electronic drums in rock music. A few years later, he bridged his programming skills with music and gave up those silly ideas.

Now with the 99 back, Exit has been working hard at recording, handling new members, and networking. The past of 99 pushed Exit in to design so the band would have newsletters, 3rd person perspective web sites (heheh), and printed matter. With his strong media experience, he's developing new music, more videos, band posters, distribution lines, and advertisements for magazines.

On 11.08.01 Exit wrote: "I really miss those days. We somehow managed to keep going and generating enough money to survive. Now I'm in to doing video editting, printing and listening to music. I don't seem to have the available time to spend on writing music and playing out anymore, which is sad. I wish that time had no meaning and didn't pass. It years later and it feels like we were playing out only a year ago when it has been 5 years! I hope to get all of the music releases out someday. Not to make money, but just for myself and those who participated and those who came to the shows. Thank you all for the good times!"

Exit currently has opened a fetish website to fulfill many of his life long personal fantasies at:

When Exit is bored, he and Rayzor can be found wasting time playing Soldier Of Fortune 2. See what Exit has created for SOF1:


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