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Turn on the radio
Turn it on, Turn it on
It's a way of life
Escaping from the strife

Louder that it goes
The less that can be shown
The silent world
Living in all alone
Struggling to make it through
No one tells you what to do
Choose your own ways
Make it through the daze/days
Catch yourself listening
That what once was glistening
Now polluted
Diverted by evil minds
Silent struggle then you find/fight
When you know that you are right
Dismiss the foreign ways
Once believed previous

You're on your own
On your own, on your own
For the rest of your life
Taken with bloody knife

Can't stand to listen the the radio more
Then you know who these songs are for

Just have to face that you don't fit in

Lyrics 1993 H.O.W.D.Y. Media

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