99 Special - Downfall [GMIX]
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Darren Blunt - Live Percussion

Your eyes drill holes in my mind
Leaving barriers I can't see past
Restricting outlet of emotions
Ensuring no lovers will last

Neither gods nor devils could have evoked
A hold as strong as you have placed
Emotional innocence unaware of the grief
Set in to my heart, now empty space

A stare, a face in my direction
Captured my soul now untouchable
Letters stir no reaction with dissatisfaction
Confusing the issue, I am unstable

I'd break my finger to test and compare the pains
My mind plagued by a vision creating strains
Of a time and a place which has no existence
I try time again ignoring your resistance

Not even infatuation can encompass what I feel
Inspiring emotional scar refusing to heal
Seal over forgetting it's not that easy
Of a time our eyes met so teasing

Believe me I've tried
Have you Jennifer, have you Katie,
Have you Ramona and Denise
Even you Beth

Sorrowful Dorothy crying tears in your trying years
Had me you did and the moments shared endeared
I couldn't feel the love you needed - separated
Your demise of my problem of love misdirected

I tried to love others unsuccessfully
Tragically I attached myself wrongfully
The misfortunate meeting of a soul so lost
Still trying to get at the one at their cost

Self-hatred reasonably needing no defense
It is my misfortune of incompetence
Whatever I'm lacking to please you
A state of remission will inevitably ensue

My heart shall remain in lethargy
No more with others will I try
Unfortunately I'm cursed eternally
I know your heart won't come my way

So be it I ensure that I live alone
My death will be the solution

There's a feeling I can deny
Will there ever be a you and I
A statement as proof for you
Regretfully, I love you

Lyrics 1993 H.O.W.D.Y. Media

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