99 Special - False Image
Exit - Music, Lyrics

I remember just the other day
The days we said that were forever
But it seems that we weren't at concensus
Tell me what happened between us

How can you say that things were that bad
Just think of all the times that we had
Of laughing and playing and touching and holding and kissing and loving
Hear what I'm saying

I reminise your kiss
Tempted to draw you closer
To hold is bliss
Alone with you together

Your picture flows through my mind
Cover with feelings of confusion
The nail polish is still on my fingers
Representing what's left of your illusion

Your picture fades out of my mind
I see straight through your lies
The nail polish is all washed aside
I watch you false image as it dies

As it dies
Nothing but lies

I reminise you kiss
But it no longer matters
To forget is bliss
Far from you forever

Lyrics 1991 H.O.W.D.Y. Media

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