99 Special - Sympathy
Exit - Music, Lyrics
Darren Blunt - Live Percussion

Sitting and watching!

Sitting and watching
People innocent of awareness
Soak in it and still won't sink in, no osmosis
QVC dreamers sit and stair at the beautiful things to wear

It's approaching and being covered
But they're facing the wrong way
Ungency incremented, calmly filtered
Digested, easily along money

It's no wonder we don't care
Forgiving camera conditioning air

Waves hit all lengths via mass media repeaters
All time and lengths voice messages controlling fears

Celebration streamers hit and flare
Along side playing deaf ears
Restate the problem for those who care
In gore, ignore, ignore, ignore

Still approaching and briefly wondered
About face still turned away
Preventing outbreak concern nutured
News hype profiting of dismay

N.ever E.nding W.ar S.ympathy

Even if it's important don't dare
Playing anything risking corporate welfare

In the business of what's best for business

ICBM on it's way, forgot to mention
Must preserve control intentions
North Korea cornered by US
Strike back, initiated fuck

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