Darren 'Tex' Blunt
Motivator, Performer, Father, Artist, Certified Body Piercer, Store Owner. Darren wears many hats and has an amazing amount of energy. It seeps out from him infecting any around him, spreading excitement where ever he goes. He's a natural people person too. He's the type to give 115% and not feel like enough is being done.

This guy has been everywhere and seen it all. Once a soldier, but always a punk. He played tribal percussion for a Dallas noise band, Peter Luxury. While there, he lived in a warehouse that many bands would perform at. He lived the rock'n'roll lifestyle hanging out The Circle Jerks, Sam I Am, The Dwarfs, Pantera, and NoFX.

His onstage setup includes the Beast (his monstrous drum kit), the clackity (which takes a position similar to that of a high hat), and many different appearances with help of many handmade and store bought masks.

Darren and his wife have opened a store in Oswego, NY called The Funky Monkey. Interestingly, it's 2 doors down from where the first 99 Special show was held, and where Darren and Exit first met!

You can visit his store located in Oswego, NY at

On 12.18.02 Darren wrote: "It's weird getting old, and ginko coloba is good for you. "


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