The Ferris Wheel - Oswego, NY

The very first public performance for 99. The performers were Exit and Matt Lundy, who spent the few remaining hours before the show arguing over details. Two cover songs were played that evening, Skinny Puppy's "Smothered Hope" and Ministry's "Burning Inside".

The show ended with "Ice Cream Song", in which Exit wore a clear female mask and Matt a clear male mask. Matt played the part of the Ice Cream Man who went around the bar full of confused and amused faces and handed out fudge pops. There was one problem though, the bar had given the impression that they had a freezer. They didn't. All the individually sealed fudge pops were partially melted, and while this didn't stop some from eating them, the others dropped them on the floor making a large soupy mess on the bar floor. While this distribution of treats was taking place, Exit stood perfectly still with a baseball bat in his hands. The Ice Cream Man returned to the front and stood next to Exit. As the beat picked up punched in, Exit began swinging the bat to the beat knocking Matt to the floor. He fell bringing down a mic stand and his bass guitar and fell at the feet of the people seated at the front. They leapt up from their seats, saying "Holy shit!" as they backed away from the beatings. This was more than what could have been hoped for, the effect worked so well, people thought it was real.

Exit had a completely blown out voice that night due to a sore throat. He had partial laryngitis, causing any words that were not screamed to not come out with any sound. After the performance, he was wandering about it a daze when a a guy came up to talk to him. This guy talked about his past exploits and the drumming styles he'd used. Exit was barely able to speak, so he tried to get out of the conversation to escape to his home which was across from the bar. This guy who he listened to, gave his phone number so that they could jam some time. This guy was Darren Blunt, who became a very integral member a few months later.

A friend that brought a video camera that night unfortunately didn't have any batteries that were charged. This show would have been a treasure to have on tape.

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