Bleachers - Liverpool, NY

The first 99 show in over 4 years time has finally come around! After regrouping and spending the months getting organized once again, 99 performed an Exhibition Short Set in honor of Tom Carpenter of Born Again Savages on his birthday, who almost to the day of the show 9 years ago brought 99 in to the Syracuse scene with open arms, much promotion, and needed support! What is even more ironic, that show on January 7th, 1994, had the line of 99, Fuctifino, and Animosity. Don't get it? Here's why — Tom Carpenter was at the time the frontman in Fuctifino, and Animosity has since renamed themselves Rigid. So here we all are almost exactly 9 years later all sharing the same billing again!

This show was far from ideal, but a great test run of the new completely live set. The set was a short 5 songs, which more or less went smoothly with only a few mistakes. The nice thing about being "real" and not tied to a tape, the band could play freely and add in extra measures where appropriate.

One of the highlights of the show happened afterwards during one of the other band's set. The stage manager of the bar came up in a huff to a few people associated with the band ranting like an immature child. Finally, he found Exit talking with a friend and blathered on about "300 bands playing here a year, and none make a mess". Let the reader know, and any past 99 show attendees realize, this "mess" was so minor in comparison to any 99 show from yesteryear. During "consmercommodity", Exit tossed out a bag full of items purchased from a dollar store. Among the ninja play sets, plastic hard hats, and maxipads, there was a full plastic bottle of prune juice.

The stage manager was in full attack mode, as soon as Exit explained that he simply tossed out the bottle of prune juice and he had no idea how it opened. "You are never going to... you might not play here ever again" belted out the steam-headed man. Growing more irate dealing with Exit's lack of concern, Exit responded to the mess with "we went light tonight" and the stage manager stormed off.

He was a husky man about a foot taller than Exit, and he buzzed by him angrily in a fast passed walk as Exit laughed about the incident with the friend that witnessed this conversation in whole. With out warning, the stage manager walked in to Exit from behind, using full school boy tactics, and kept walking. This just made him laugh harder. Sigh, some people act the same way they did in high school ten years later. It's a pity, really.

None-the-less, 99 never planned on to play at this venue, only doing it for Tom's birthday. The most funny part was the semi-threat from the stage manager declaring they will never play at Bleacher's again, and within the same breathe retracting enough to say they might not play again. Ah, at least he knows when not to burn bridges.

Soon, a video will be available, check back around the end of January!


Photo Credit: Wayne Johnson of Carolina Blue

Other Bands That Played That Night:
Born Again Savages
Rigid (Formerly Animosity members)
Life of Violence

Show Flyer:

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Posted by: Exit September 3, 2008 12:08:14 AM
Prune juice for everyone!
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