Water St. Music Festival - Oswego, NY

What a day to play - seems like most here in America will revere this day for years to come as the beginning of an unsettled era where the world is victim to those who believe in their religions so strongly that they would kill themselves and innocent people alike to prove their faith. Attacks have been happening for many years in different countries and just recently, Russia has become the latest victim of a mass destruction of innocent life. Worst of all, they attacked children. With 'official' figures claiming 300+ dead, mostly children, it is the opinion of many in that region that there were twice as much killed, and the Russian government is holding back the real body count. With this in mind, I can't say that 99 will 'play' exactly.

What I can say is there will be a free for all and all ages performance happening right on the street in Oswego. The actual location is somewhere around Old City Hall, The Funky Monkey, and Kathmandu.

Show Details:
Saturday, September 11th 2004 @ Water St. Music Festival - Oswego, NY
Malachai, This Fabled Requiem, 99 Special
This show is open to all people of any age
Shows from 5pm - 9pm, 99 headlines and takes the street around 8pm

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