Lost Horizon - Syracuse, NY

After playing out many times in Oswego where the band members lived, 99 began looking to play larger cities. Here was the first out of town show, and proved to be a very important one. Tom Carpenter of Born Again Savages fame happened to be out this Thursday evening. He was at the time playing out in a new musical project called 'Fuctifino'.

After watching the set that 99 did, he immediately started to help out and promote 99 in the Syracuse area. He invited 99 to return to Syracuse for an upcoming Fuctifino show. This was the beginning of a great relationship between many different local acts.

The show that took place that Thursday night featured both a male and female "dancer". Now that Amy was back for a second show, the band decided that they would like to have her as a permanent member. The idea was that Amy and Dan would interact with the audience, assuming one was present, and maake the show more of an experience than a showing. For the last song of the set — "Cog", Ray, Darren and Exit all played the "Beast" together. The Beast was one of many names for the stand up drum kit that Darren had assembled. It was one of the best moments for this early exposure show.

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