Lost Horizon - Syracuse, NY

Recently reviewing this video, it sure stands out in many respects from many of the early shows. Instead of Amy being the only one available to 'play' with the audience, she brought two friends in to the mix. Shannon and Jen made their debuts and even though it seemed excessive at the time, excess can sometimes be a great thing!

The show opened with the entire stage sealed behind a wall of brown heavy paper. Joey Larkin, an artist that is well known in some areas, opened a small hole in the center and had a peek to see what is behind the wall. Once the music started with 'Dying For', holes on either side of the stage open through the paper and out came two sets of arms gentlely slithering to the music. Exit played ostrich and popped his head out and back in while shouting his lines until he split the wall down the middle revealing the stage.

All the band members with the exception of the dancers, where wearing white Tyvek suits with black and orange 99¢ arm bards. At either side of the stage was a cocooned dancer, within white full body tube stockings. The continued to writhe about while the band jumped in to the next song, 'O.K. Aren't Wee?'. As soon as the speed attack of the song hit, the dancers emerged from the cocoons and began dancing in place. This was the most on the stage at one time for 99. With Exit, Darren, Ray, and Amy was the four core members, Billy was also playing drums and the two other dancers for a total of seven.

Joey paid well for his making holes in the wall, Amy beat him so hard he face was covered in blood from his nose by the end of the song. Loving every second of it, she didn't hestitate, instead she proceeded with futher beating him in to submission.

Watch for a video clip from this show, a lot to review here!


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