7th Venue - Syracuse, NY

Latest Update: In what must be the most amazing surprise in a long time, one of the Facebook follower's of the 99¢ Special page claimed to have an old video tape from a 99 show. With immediate interest and through a quick exchange, there was mention that it might not be 99, but instead one of the acts we used to share a stage with, O.Z. Willis.

As it turned out, today, February 21st, 2019, Bob Cat from Sub-Culture Presents uploaded nearly a complete video of a never before seen (by us) 99 performance from this show. This is digital gold, and now we have one more portal in to the past.

Thank you Bob Cat and Sub-Culture Presents.

That's some hair on Billy!!! Watch out Tina Turner, you've been out teased!


Other Bands That Played That Night:
Stoöl (Punch Drunk Monkeys)
Canine Christ
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