Styleen's Rhythm Palace - Syracuse, NY

This had to be one of the biggest let downs! Ray was not in the band for the new season, whose role was to be filled by a new member, Nick. Cutting things to close for comfort before the first show of the year, Nick took off to see a Misfits reunion show in Boston. As a result, the band decided to can Nick and find a new keyboardist with only a few weeks before the first show. As things turned out, the band had no one to play the keys on the night of the show. Did they get someone? Yes, a self described jazz pianist. Someone that knows how to play and jam. Um, sorry, but the repetitive and simple parts that Exit showed her just proved that she had no talent at all. A big disappointment to find this out with only 2 hours before the show.

Exit wound up playing some of the keyboard parts after booting the 'jazz pianist' of the stage after she muddled through a song. It was not the best of shows, and certainly not the image that 99 wanted to portray with the first show of the year.

During the show, one of the earier members, Maria, jumped on stage and began playing some cool ad lib parts to the music. She saved the rest of the show, but someone grabbed her satchel bag from the behind her on the stage and made off with it.

Other Bands That Played That Night:
O.Z. Willis
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