The Farside - Wilmington, NC

This first show of two during the Wilmington Exchange Festival (WE Fest). The festival lasts a week and showcases about 50 different bands that are all available to be seen. The cost is low and gets you in to all the venues during the week. On top of the bands playing, there are fanzines, magazines, comics, and a one day film festival. This festival and the city of Wilmington had such an impact on the members of 99, that Darren moved there after the break up of the band. Soon after, Al followed. About a year later, so did Exit. Since then, Darren has moved a couple hours North of Wilmington, Al still resides there, and Exit returned to dreaded Scare-acuse, NY.

Included in the picture section are a few friends who hung out during the week. Emily, seen with the body art, took some pictures of the last 99 show in Syracuse that are posted on this site. Zac is posing in the church where the zines, after hours parties, and sleeping areas for those who needed it were.


Other Bands That Played That Night:
(Mike Skinner)
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