Club Babyhead - Providence, RI

My oh my, this one was special. It was a great stage, a great sound system, and plenty of space. There was a good showing of faces, but not the kind that could appreciate the absurdity of 99. The bassist from Flicker, Dave Jr., got dragged on stage by Amy and she did her thing to him. After this, she shoved him back of stage. Well, it was well planned that Dave Jr. would play the bass for 'Unknown'. Apparently, this made a patron mad as she felt that Dave being dragged on stage was planned and therefore an insult to her. There is no way of knowing why she did what she did next, but while Dave Jr. was playing the bass line, this girl walked up and threw her beer on Dave Jr.! Of all the people, why Dave Jr.?

Although this show wasn't entirely 'successful', the owner begged for another date to be set and promised a nice guarentee for playing. It never came, 99 split and never returned. Maybe this would keep the beer in the cups and not on the guest musicians.

A real disturbing personal account of that night from Exit was that he needed to go to use a toilet, not a urinal. The bar had it's bathroom in an odd location. To get to it, one has to leave via a back alley and they enter the back of another building in which there was a fair sized room. The issue here was not that they didn't have a toilet, instead the issue was the toilet just sat in the corner of the room, with no walls around it. Picture it, can you? A bathroom with about 5 to 10 people doing their things, and a solitary toilet which was far from clean sitting in the corner begging someone to sit on it and get a disease. I'm not sure how Exit relieved himself, but it was not it that room.

The band videographer Al and his girlfriend Mel headed to see Tori Amos down the street before the 99 show. Strangely, for some reason, this show was not video taped.

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