The Lost Horizon - Syracuse, NY

This was to be the last real 99¢ Special show. There were many shows booked after this date for 1996, but after some frustrations and complications, the remaining tour dates where all canceled. Amy was heading to Japan for a month, and this helped solidify the decision.

This show featured 20 pounds of black raspberry jelly and a stove sized box of styrofoam peanuts. Just look at some of the footage to see people who bum rushed the stage (nothing was stolen at this point) slip and fall, getting jelly in their hair, on their clothes.

There was one bad part to this last show. Since Exit was coated by jelly and whatever else that got stuck to him, he left the packing up to the roadies. He jumped in to the backseat of his car, lying on a bed of foam bricks and had Ray drive him home. During this point, almost everything was successfully packed, but someone grabbed a 300 Watt keyboard amp. They may have grabbed it as collateral for the 'damage' done to the stage with all the mess. To this day, the bar and sound man are suspected, but the police refused to be any help in this matter. They said, "It's a civil matter." Apparently, you can take something in a dispute and the police will do nothing to return it!


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Other Bands That Played That Night:
The Flashing Astonishers
Tommie Griggz
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