99 Special - + tax & deposit
The first 99 release completely rerecorded, but otherwise kept the same. No more old school tape noise and bad levels here!

9.99  Multimode CD, 10 Songs, Multimedia, 54 Minutes
  Out of Stock   

99 Special - Bag-O-Meat/Boot to the Head
99's second release with the pop-styled Unknown, crazed fast beat Shirtkiller, and sample plugged consumercommodity tracks popular from the live shows.

9.99  Multimode CD, 10 Songs, 59 Minutes
  Out of Stock   

Ephemeral - Sovereign
This is a side project of Exit's. It focuses more on experimental digital music.

3.99  Multimode CD-R, 10 Songs, Multimedia, 45 Minutes
  Out of Stock   

99 Special - Intentional Overdose Prerelease
The official prerelease with 4 songs plus some filler.

0.99  Cassette, 4 Songs, 17 Minutes
  In Stock   

99 Special - Scraps
This CD contains 16 tracks of music and one live DVD playable video. Some tracks are completely unique to this CD, some are from the Intentional Overdose recordings. Lo and mid-fi happenings here! One rare track is from Exit's archives, from when he was 13 years old! There are 6 mp3s from this CD in the Downloads section.

9.99  Multimode CD, 16 Songs, 1 DVD Video, 64 Minutes
  Out of Stock   

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