"We are please to inform you that your application for a mortgage loan on the above captioned property has been approved."

What was once the ongoing search for a new base of operations, now is at the journey's end. Exit set out to find a new base of operations and came across the perfect opportunity, a 7,400 square foot school. The school surpasses all the previous properties in review, including the previous choice of a church. The church was forgotten in comparison to the school in terms of age, structural integrity, and health hazards. The Chruch had asbestos wraps on the basement pipes (which of course I backed in to getting the powder in my hair), mold everywhere, and rotten plaster walls needing replacement throughout the entire basement. A lot of work would need to be done to make the church livable.

With all of this in mind, when Exit found a school built in 1922, with 3 stories (including the basement), plenty of space inside and outside, and all for about $20,000 less than the church, it only made sense. Not only is the building better, it's on a huge 132 x 165 foot lot compared to the non-existent lot that the church was squeezed on to.

Currently, Exit has moved most of his belongings in at the school. He's now completed saving the money needed for this property and to make the banks happy. The banks required around
$6000 to be present in his bank account before the loan application could be processed. Currently, Exit's funds are above that amount, partly thanks to the people that contributed as listed below. It just a matter of days now before work can begin on renovations.

The school is oh-so-very-close to being the new home of 99¢ Special. You are more than welcome to donate money to renovations for the school. The band will be building a stage for practicing as well as a new recording studio for H.O.W.D.Y. Music. Any donations help the band finance making music as well as helping other bands record in the H.O.W.D.Y. Music studio.

Pictures and Floorplans:

Donations welcome!
Suggested donations of 99¢ are gladly accepted! If you'd like to donate more, we won't stop you...

Thank you, you my favorite person! You are my new god! I praise you and wash your feet now!

99 appreciates those who donated:

1. Kirsty McLean
2. Nathan & Courtney Angell
3. Jennifer Markovich
4. Brian Witt
5. Jason Taylor
6. Jeremy Harrison
7. isa6ella
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