The Abyss (The Sunset) - SUNY Oswego, NY

This show took place at an "alternative" night that happened weekly on the SUNY Oswego campus. This was mainly a one man show with Exit. The show was long, but there were some issues with the DJs. After the first hour, the DJs tried to reclaim the night, but Exit was bullheadedly defiant. He continued after being snippy with the DJs. If there is ever a lesson in musical performances, it's this: Never overplay, it's better to leave them wanting more than to tire of you. That became a 99 motto in the following years.

The show was so very embarrassing in retrospect. One DJ commented that it was 99 "in it's infantile stages". How very true that comment was, and fortunately, that baby didn't die. It grew up quickly though!

With 2 hours of songs being performed that night, it must have been the most of the 99 catalog of songs. Most songs were played straight off the Amiga 500, with Exit "singing" and wobbling his voice with an echo pedal. At one point, there was a lovely duet sung by Exit and Matt Lundy on the song "Disease". Making an early appearance as the Ice Cream Man, Ray, future main member of 99, took the baseball bat beating to sum up the night.

There was a video camera at this show, but most of the songs were captured on by a friend with a seemingly spaghetti arm. The video jumps from one song to the next, as she felt it was too dark to record so entire show became a live edited version totally about 10 minutes.

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