Who's That Crazy Guy?

In August of 1993, Exit walked in to The Old City Hall, which was across the way from his downtown Oswego apartment. Immediately upon entering, he saw a guy walking up looking a little pissed. Darren recognized Exit from the show some 8 months ago and confronted him, asking why he never called him to jam. Having just recently acquired a stolen drumset for $42 from an friend/antagonist known as Dan Gober, Exit said simply, that he didn't have a kit before, now but he did. They traded information again, and soon Exit and Darren got together. Exit brought a tape over with O.K. Aren't Wee and many other to Darren's place, where Darren sat and listened while beating a rythmn out with drumsticks on his legs. Darren had plenty of motivation and spirit, more than most. His mind started thinking out how to make it all happen immediately.

To try the stolen drums out, they found a field out by the power plants in Oswego, and started jamming. The only person catch this happening, was a young teen who lived across from the field. The drums sounded like crap, and with their cheap thin stands, kept falling over. Some heads were so badly warped that the drum sounded like someone hitting a turd in a toilet. None of it mattered though, it was a first step. The base of 99 was solidified on that day.

While walking around with Exit, Darren spotted some 55 gallon barrels at a small spaghetti sauce plant. He started telling Exit about his days in Peter Luxury, and how he used to use 55 gallon barrels in that band. Actually, Exit grew up in this neighborhood and knew the Dement family that owned and operated it. For $5 a barrel, they picked out 2 open and one closed barrels. With this, Darren began painting and building his kit, lovingly referred to as 'The Beast'.

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