Present Members:
The People Who Make It Happen

Exit Exit
ROLE: Com-poseur, Creator, Front Man
METHOD: Voice, Synths, Drums, Guitar
PERIOD: 1991-

ORIGIN: OSWEGO, NY - Exit spent much of his childhood in front of computers and listening to music. Ironically, during his early years he despised the use of electronic drums in rock music. A few years later, he bridged his programming skills with music and gave up those silly ideas. Exit began recording new music under the name 'One Cent Left' and has been active in film and TV industry. Exit is currently in NC.

Past Members:
The People Who Made It Happen

D-Man Darren Blunt
ROLE: Tribal Percussion, Magic, Destruction
METHOD: Drums, Masks, Art, Metal Objects
PERIOD: 1993-1996, 2003-2005

ORIGIN: WILMINGTON, DE - This guy has been everywhere and seen it all. Once a soldier, but always a punk. He played tribal percussion for a Dallas noise band, Peter Luxury, and lived the rock n' roll lifestyle hanging out 'The Circle Jerks', 'Sam I Am', 'The Dwarfs', 'Pantera', and 'NoFX'. He now lives in NC and works as a tattoo artist and a certified body piercer.

Rayzor RaYzor
ROLE: Stage Performer, Long Hair
METHOD: Synths, Guitars, Drums, Reeboks
PERIOD: 1993-1996, 2003-2005

ORIGIN: OSWEGO, NY - Ray had started his musical talents playing drums. Talk good about 'Guns n' Roses' and you'll have yourself a friend. He also has a love for Commodore and Amiga computers, which he and Exit share. Ray owned a slew of Vic-20's, C64's, and other old Commodore computers. Ray had continued performing with long-time associate Zadoc in his last incarnation of the "Zadoc" bands, 'Zadoc's Eternal Circus'. Ray now lives in TX.

Eggad Al Lock
ROLE: Videographer, Transport, Hero
METHOD: Video Camera, Catch Fallen Mics
PERIOD: 1993-1996, 2005

ORIGIN: CANASTODA, NY - Al ran a video business since his senior year of High School. All was good when Al began working for the band, but a tragic event happened. During the tear down of the best 99 shows in Syracuse, NY, his camera was set down amongst the equipment and stolen. Now Al is living life in NC.

Zadoc Zadoc
ROLE: Stage Performer, Dark Presence
METHOD: Samples, Guitars, Expertise, All Things Creepy
PERIOD: 2003

ORIGIN: UNKNOWN - It was inevitable that 99 worked with Zadoc, considering the history. 99 stole Zadoc's drummer at the time to push him behind keys for 99, and that was Ray. Nathan was the leader of Zadoc... and the Nightmare, which had been playing out for countless years. After a change in the line up, Zadoc now performs as 'Zadoc's Eternal Circus' along with RaYzor. Zadoc also performs with a number of other bands including 'Born Again Savages' and 'Undergang'.

Marly Marly
ROLE: Stage Performer, Satanic Looks
METHOD: Keys, Shades, Lipstick
PERIOD: 2005

ORIGIN: LIVERPOOL, NY - After many failed attempts to match a keyboardist with the band, Marly was brought in to the 99 reformation in 2005 as Darren returned to NC. Marly has the distinct honor of being considered a member even though she performed in only one show - the last show. Marly continues to write her own music in Syracuse, NY under the name 'Marly9'.

Lukebunbun Lukebunny
ROLE: Stage Performer, Tangled Hair
METHOD: Synths, Lacking a Brush, Brute Force
PERIOD: 2003

ORIGIN: SYRACUSE, NY - In attendance at the early 99 shows, this caveman known as Lukebunny played keys in the band for a single show, but worked hard at learning the parts for months leading up. Born and raised in the Syracuse area, he did some traveling and has settled on the West coast with aspirations in the comic book industry.

Amy Amy Ornoski
ROLE: The Bitch, Fire Master, Crowd Control
METHOD: Synths, Audience, Foam Bricks
PERIOD: 1994-1996, 1999

ORIGIN: CICERO, NY - Amy's love of fire and control brought her from domination to recreation. This means see likes to play with fire. Now in San Francisco, she is with the pyrotechnics group Infinite Kaos who are a florescent atmospheric fire group. Once she tied the audience, and now she meshes a human sized web of light.

Billy William Shurtliff III
ROLE: Electric Drummer
METHOD: Hits, Body Surfing, Not Drowning
PERIOD: 1995

ORIGIN: OSWEGO, NY - Billy started paying in the drum core in middle school and came in to 99 as an electric drummer. He was mislead by an evil woman, which ultimately resulted in him leaving the band. Billy is currently married with kids in central NY handcrafting and carving wooden furniture.

Shannon Shannon Constantine
ROLE: Flirtainer, Amy's Other Half
METHOD: Beauty, Grace, Lack of Clothes
PERIOD: 1995

ORIGIN: UNKNOWN, PA - Shannon teamed up with Amy to become a motivational force for the audience, via the normal means of whips, ropes, and such! Often seen wearing the same outfit as Amy, except sometimes in white as a contrast to Amy's black outfit. My favorite moment was when Shannon and I (Exit) were driving around Delaware between shows and she read aloud a road sign, "End Construction" and followed it with "a sign of protest".

When Shannon and Amy went to Japan, she took an interest in to martial arts, and went on to win many competitions with her Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu excellence. Never stopping growth, she went on to become a screenwriter, penning the movie 'Good Mourning, Lucille' which featured a cameo with Eric Roberts. She currently is a painter living in CA.

Louis Louis D.
ROLE: Chaos, Danger, Sharp Points
METHOD: Metal Swinging Things, Spikes
PERIOD: 1995

ORIGIN: UNKNOWN - Louis provided the return of a long sought male balance to the crowd interaction team. Unfortunately, he scared us too much as the safety of the audience was jeopardized! He brought a lot of spirit for the couple of shows in which he participated. Louis set of to explore the world and honed his metal art skills since.

He is currently in Baltimore, MD working on a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, and when not crafting flamethrowers for fun, he's also designing exoskeleton interfaces in an attempt to bring about the end of the world in the coolest way possible.

Dan Gober
ROLE: Antagonist, Mischief, Loki
METHOD: Positive Drive, Negative Effects, Happy Endings
PERIOD: 1994

ORIGIN: OSWEGO, NY - Besides being a stage performer along side Amy, Dan was a force of change that was instrumental in propelling 99 to early success. Although knowing Dan can be dangerous, he brought unbridled enthusiasm and was directly responsible for 99 moving from Oswego to Syracuse. Quick and firey, he wound up bringing both good ideas and aggrivations which ended with a quick departure.

Matt Lundy
ROLE: Inspiration, Ice Cream Man, Muse
METHOD: Guitar, Fudgecicles, Voice
PERIOD: 1993

ORIGIN: UNKNOWN - High School best friends Matt and Exit would jam together on guitars and question the world around them. Matt was a major drive for Exit's creativity, and was a supporter from the beginning. After Exit invited Matt to join 99, they performed together in the first two 99 shows. Tensions were too high and they decided to have two separate projects which they both can lord over. Matt formed 'Four Body Found', and Exit continued with 99.

Maria Maria Nicholas
ROLE: Keys, Classically Trained Musician
METHOD: Twisted Fingers, Cheap Keys
PERIOD: 1993

ORIGIN: UNKNOWN, PA - Maria brought her musicianship to the band and was to date the most trained musician to play in 99. As 99 decided to begin touring, Maria felt it best to relieve her position to someone that would be more flexible with travelling and taking time away from work. She is currently living in Atlanta, GA performing on viola in a chamber orchestra.