Old City Hall - Oswego, NY

Christmas was celebrated to the surprise of any partons that night. A scraggly tree, multiple strands of lights, 18" foil stars, and even a Santa decoration hung at the door helped everyone get in to the true nature of Christmas, the commercialism of it! It seemed that they start selling Christmas stuff earlier each year, so 99 decided to be one step ahead.

This was one of the first good shows. The patrons were a mix of friends and the bar usuals. For the most part, everyone was entertained by the absurdity of it all. The stage area was littered with Christmas paraphernalia. The Charlie Brown styled Christmas tree with more empty areas than branches had no tree stand. Exit tried to keep the tree upright by sticking it in to a hole in a cardboard box. It sort of worked. The leaning tree did fall a few times, and was ultimately attacked by the end of the night.

One of the most important facts was this was the first show that Darren performed in. After finally getting together around the beginning of August, this duo got straight to work on developing a set. Also new to 99 was Maria Nicholas, who played on the Matt Lundy's cheap ass Casio that was acquired from a another friend. This show was the first show that was tape based, in which two sets were set up on a Tascam Porta-One 4-track.

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