Know Your Sources

Exit's best friend at the time, and strongest musical influence, was a friend from High School who he used to torment, Matt Lundy. He and Matt talked about playing shows, but two guitarists with no vocal talents didn't really seem to have much place on stage. Matt had moved away in 1990 from Oswego, NY, were both he and Exit lived. The kept constant contact making endless guitar sessions recordings to send to each other. In one of the letters from Matt, was a bunch of pricing stickers from the store he was working at in Virginia, some 'Tom's 99¢' stickers. The same stickers were clearly in sight forming a '666' on Matt's guitar in a video of guitar jamming that he sent. Mimicking Matt, the same stickers also found a place on Exit's guitar. When a friend at college, Dave Lish, took a roll of 99¢ Special stickers from a local grocery store, Exit snatched the roll almost immediately and declaired the name was for his project was found.

Being at college in the middle of nowhere, Exit jumped in to radio at Alfred State College's station. On his show he played everything and anything. While walking around campus, a buddy and fellow DJ asked him what he was planning to use as a radio name. The idea hadn't crossed his mind, but in the moment he decided to take his name from the first thing he saw. An exit sign hanging above a nearby door could not have been a better 'sign' of things to come (Yes, mind the pun). Soon the name 'Exit' evolved in to 'Exit the Conventional DJ', being a play upon itself, meaning that he was anything but conventional. This was the precursor of all things.

Matt Lundy had moved to Montana and planned a short musical visit while Exit was at college. They had some good times, jammed out with the C64, and in a drunken state, Matt forced Exit to play a tape with the early 99 songs as he began singing along through a tiny practice amp. Matt's devotion was impressive and encouraging. It became a motivation and the concept of Matt and Exit teaming up seemed a mistake to pass by. The future was set, or it was it?

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