Meat in Oswego

While on a break from college back in Oswego, Exit got to experience writing music on an Amiga 500 at his friend Rocco Saya's place. Med 3.20, by Teijo Kinnunen was the amazing revolution that allowed 4 channels of 8-bit samples or synths to be sequenced together. The C64 was no match, and soon after, Exit ordered an Amiga at college, and quit caring about grades and began writing music. After failing out of college, Exit moved back to his hometown, to downtown Oswego, NY - population 18,000.

Enter Matt Lundy. Living in Dillon, Montana, he and Exit started making plans to join forces. Exit was pounding out many songs using Rocco's Samplitude sampler which allowed him to import his own samples. Matt was a guitarist and bassist, and there wasn't a clear role for Matt, as Exit was intending to try and forgo having the one instrument that seemed to dominate the music industry, the guitar. The big problem was that Exit never informed Matt of this. The worst part - Exit wrote in a letter that he wanted him to play guitar or something. Matt having heard all the songs that Exit has written, he agreed to join 99¢ Special and moved to Oswego during the summer of 1992.

With about 20 to 30 songs written on in OctaMed, they started planning out roles and parts. There was a certain tension in the air constantly and with the slightest provocation, a fit or fight would burst out. Exit and Matt found out that they clearly can't work together without killing each other. A stone wall built by Exit who felt it was too early to allow anyone to contribute to his baby. This was a big problem. Matt traveled across the country to join a band where he had no say. This led to many messy years following. But they did manage to put it together and performed out once together.

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