First Time Show Time

On December 2nd, 1992, the first 99 show took place at the Ferris Wheel in Oswego. It was an Amiga 500, a record player, a cheap vocal mike and an array of metal objects. Matt had his bass and electric guitar with which he winged the whole show. They smashed pipes on the floor and kept everyone's attention. To make things stranger, Exit's voice was shot because of a sore throat, making his voice either loud or missing. The finale was a hand out of 50 fudgepops for the Ice Cream Song. All the pops were warm and dripping. The floor was soon covered with melted fudgepops as Exit mockingly beat Matt, who played the character of the Ice Cream Man, with a baseball bat. Unfortunately, a friend who came to video tape the show came with a dead camera battery.

Coincidentally, it was the first time Exit met Darren Blunt, who was one of the spectators at the first 99 show. Darren had lived all over the US. When he was Dallas, he played tribal percussion. He gave Exit his phone number and told him to call so that they could jam. Having no drums, Exit never called or saw Darren.

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